Support The Library

There are many ways to support the Wallowa Public Library.

Speak Up

Let people know that you support the library.  Friends and relatives need to know that you value our services.  Drop your elected officials a note to let them know that you care.  It only takes a few people to become a grassroots movement.

Join the Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library are instrumental in keeping our library functioning at the highest level possible.  Volunteers from Friends run books and bake sales, fill out grants applications, and apply occasional coats of paint, just to mention a few activities.  Don’t have time to spare?  We can always use money, either through your membership fees or tax deductible donations.  And we accept many types of learning materials also, such as globes, maps, magazines, DVDs, CDs, posters, and oh yeah: books.

Use the Library

The best way to support a service is to use it.  Come on down and get acquainted, you might be surprised by what we have to offer.