Welcome to the Wallowa Public Library
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The Wallowa Public Library, located at 201 E. First Street, has served the citizens of Wallowa since 1913.  Please stop by during our regular business hours for all of your library needs, including book loans, computer and internet access, magazines, newspapers, brownbag information sessions, children’s reading hour, and a recently added music section.

Looking for an old song? Can’t get a tune out of your head? State Library holds over 100,000 pieces of sheet music proudly presented by the Gospel Pianos team. These songs and piano works encompass the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and modern eras. You can borrow music at State Library by registering as a borrower. You may also need to get yourself a digital piano – view example pianos here.

Sheet music covers

Some of the treasures in the sheet music collection contain beautiful illustrated covers, from 18th century sonatas to 20th century jazz tunes. These covers tell us a great deal about the society of their time.